Different Types Of Backpacks and Its Advantages

Choosing a backpack is always more challenging that selecting other kinds of travel bags. With a plethora of options laid in front, you must be confused whether to select a lightweight backpack or heavy duty, whether you want a weekend pack or day pack. However, before you lay your hands on a backpack, try to get fitted first, walk around with it for sometime and then make it your bag of choice. Notably, a backpack is always a top-pick for the frugal travellers owing to its durability and convenience.

There is a diverse gamut of backpacks that you can choose from:

1. Hiking Backpacks: Backpacks, especially those used for camping and hiking, often have rigid aluminium metal frame in their design. These are usually heavy duty backpacks which are characterised by high quality material and maximum comfort. A modish appearance with unusual hint of styling adds to the popularity of these backpacks for men and makes them a delight to own. Be it a hydration pack or expedition backpack, these flaunt broader straps and belts that add optimum comfort to your shoulders and hips while its roomy compartments accommodate a horde of travel accessories that you need. Punctuated with super cool design and super strong fabric material, these backpacks for men allow you to overcome a journey on a rough terrain, yet remain unfazed.

2. School Backpacks: For value and versatility, you can take a sneak peek at the assortment of school backpack categories which are exclusively punctuated with dedicated compartments to keep your device protected and safe. You simply can’t go wrong on these classic backpacks for school that continue to rule the charts year on year. Offering a hands-free way to carry your school accessories and gears, these backpacks for school have enough storage capacity and are perfect for those who want to haul heavy loads without back aches. Available in an array of styles, these backpacks for school boast of an unmatched standard of stitching that redefines durability altogether. Trendy, spacious and useful, you can stuff in all your school stationary inside these stylish backpacks for school which keep your essentials handy and make a great buy.

3. Canvas Backpacks: If you do not want to be pulled down to oversaturated style, revel in the classic, clean, uncomplicated and university-smart canvas backpack that simply withstands any era. Usually flaunting a leather flap coupled with strap-and-notch closure, a canvas backpack is both functional and fun. Often punctuated with good exterior storage option, open pockets and extra-strong canvas coating, a canvas backpack can be often tagged as quintessential backpack for the city dwellers. Sometimes, a canvas backpack is punctuated with dual pouches coupled with buckle closures that are spacious enough to store beverages and even a shirt. Often made with special water-repellent material and poly lining, the weight of a canvas backpack is evenly distributed with the padded shoulder straps for you to carry it with ease. Some boast of a flap in front which opens to reveal main pockets for carrying all your important documents and folders. Few of them feature special zippered compartments for keeping your iPad and laptop safe and secure from all damage. Whether you are heading for books during the summer classes or heading the highway for an adventurous road trip, a canvas backpack suits all occasions. Trek though the jungles with a canvas backpack that often have a draw-string closure to keep your items secure and safe. Whether you are a weekend traveller or a busy student, stay on top of the game with a stylish, versatile and easy canvas backpack that embraces the glamour and fun of urban life like no other.

Moreover, for making your business trips easier and less strenuous, hyper-durable ballistic nylon materials are used for special backpacks for men. Punctuated with dedicated laptop and tablet compartments, these backpacks are exclusively made with tricot lined media pockets, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, water-proof zippers and DuPont Teflon fabric which prevent the backpack against oil spills, water and stains. Side mesh pockets and ergonomic strap construction fuels extended trip where you can pack and stash your essentials with ease. These backpacks for men are perfect for those who want to enjoy a smooth travelling experience whether on an outdoor adventure or for some serious business trip.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner – Pros and Cons

If you are a cleaner and run your own cleaning business, you will need to have a good reliable vacuum cleaner. It goes without saying. But what type is best? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a backpack versus a pull-along type? How do you know which to spend your money on?

As a cleaner of five years experience in my own business I always used a backpack. I preferred this type because firstly I was tall and could stand up straight as I vacuumed. I found a pull along type meant I had to stoop to get the vacuum head onto the floor.

Secondly, it came with me everywhere I went. The pull along was always somewhere behind me and would frequently crash onto the corners or doors because it was harder to manipulate and move around.

Third, the pull along did not have as much capacity in the bag as the backpack and needed to be emptied more often. A pull along needs to be picked up and carried on stairs like a small dog.

Stairs are always difficult with a pull along because it wants to rolls backwards down the stairs and won’t stay put on the step. A backpack is there with you up and down again.

On the other hand the backpack cost more to buy. They are more industrial and don’t have as many features as a pull along which is designed for a more domestic application. And pull along models will almost always have a cord retractor mechanism and no back pack does. It is a manual wind-up of the cord which is tedious and has the potential of wrecking the cord. Cord retractors make a really neat job of winding it up.

A backpack requires more strength to use because it is carried and they are not light machines. They are hot on hot days and can be noisy.

What makes the backpack vacuum worth it to me is that it is more powerful and robust. In a cleaning business you need to have a reliable hard working machine that is easy to use and strong enough to pick up the worst of dirt and more without complaint.

If you are considering starting your own cleaning business or even if you are a home owner who needs a more manoeuvrable machine to do your house cleaning, a backpack will be a better buy in its ability to get around corners, up and down stairs and go wherever you are going right there with you.

When I sold my cleaning business I had to sell the backpack machines along with all the other equipment. But the first thing I did was to go out and buy another one to replace the ones I sold because as a professional cleaner there was nothing to replace my old friend which lived with me day after day in my cleaning business.

Luke Dearlove operated his own cleaning business in regional Australia for over five years.

In the new eBook, Build Your Own Cleaning Business, he shows you everything you want to know about setting yourself up in business with next to no capital, and to get you cleaning and earning like a professional. With industry knowledge, insider’s secrets and videos to show you how there is nothing to stop you getting out there and becoming your own boss, and building an asset for yourself. There is even advice on selling your business when you decide you want to move on.

5 Surefire Ways to Ensure Business Longevity

The certificate hanging my office wall says I’ve been in business 10 years, and I wonder how that can be?

Imagine 10 years of being my own boss, of learning to market my business better, of disciplining myself to spend time on the tasks that matter most, and of helping clients live their dreams – priceless. And although there were a few times I wondered if I should go back to get a “real” job, I realize that my work is the most real and truest work I’ll ever get to using my skills and bringing me joy – I am truly blessed to be a successful Coach and business owner.

Reflecting on where my clients have come from, I begin to see patterns and similarities, and can see what works and what doesn’t to grow a six figure business.

1) Be Ready. Being self employed means having the liberty to run an errand or stop at the market between client appointments. But, at those times, don’t let your guard down, keep your business owners hat on. Keep looking for opportunities to share your professional face. I’ve gotten business while grocery shopping, booked a new client being on the massage table and scheduled speaking gigs visiting the chiropractor. Opportunities for business are all around you so don’t get caught without your business cards, your appointment calendar, and looking professional and polished for your type of work.

2) Be on the lookout for places to contribute. Is your local Chamber of Commerce looking for a new member on their board? Does the annual town festival need someone on their planning committee? When you contribute, you get known in your community and you build a reputation. The networking groups I started and ran were a big boost to putting me in the spotlight, enhanced my credibility and connected me with exponential opportunities. Put yourself out there where you will value contributing and making a difference.

3) Be aware that not every offer is an opportunity. Although this may contradict my earlier statement, be careful not to say YES to everything that comes along. Protecting your time as a business owner is critical to your success. Ask yourself if by agreeing to become involved will get you exposed to your target market. Will the role be something you love to do and that uses your talents while showing you as an expert? Take in consideration the other demands of your life outside of work. While helping to care for my Dad who had Alzheimer’s, I stepped down from some community involvement. Be aware that burnout is very real for small business owners and protect yourself from over committing, or you’ll find yourself backed up with work to do and feeling overwhelmed.

4) Say yes to opportunities whenever possible. When I collaborated with a colleague and gave a seminar on Facebook, I was not the Facebook expert, but I was an expert trainer and my colleague had never done a live seminar. Together we gave a terrific training seminar, a smashing success. And the reason to say yes whenever possible is because one thing leads to another. At that training, a participant asked if I could do LINKEDIN training for his organization. While pretty familiar with LinkedIn, I did not think of myself as an expert. I said YES and brought in another colleague who was an expert that led to the two of us having a 6 month contract of LinkedIn training for a Fortune 500 company that doubled our income on the spot. I focused on teaching what I do best; identifying a company brand and strategic visioning while my colleague focused on the details of using LinkedIn. By the end of the 6 months, I was an expert on how to use LinkedIn, and exponentially wealthier because I said YES.

5) Always have a Mentor, Coach or be involved in a Mastermind Group. The challenges of undertaking any new venue, whether growing a business, backpacking for a week in Colorado or learning how to do Asian cooking means you have to rely on others to guide you and show you the way. Trying to figure out the best ways to grow your business by yourself is like jumping into a river of swift current without a life jacket on – risky stuff. The money I’ve invested in my business over 10 years has allowed me to get to the place of security and knowledge I have now, where I can be a leader and role model to other entrepreneurs.

How a Laptop Backpack Can Be Useful For Any Traveler

The laptop is one of the best innovations in the world in that it helps to allow people to conduct business with others from practically anywhere. However, it will be important to keep it protected when on the go. A laptop backpack can help to keep a laptop protected while being properly transported. Different types of these backpacks will work for different laptops though.

A laptop backpack works simply as a type of backpack that can be used to store a laptop computer in. What makes this different from other business backpacks is that for one that works to store a laptop computer it will be easier for the user to store all of the necessary laptop computer materials inside of it.

A separate storage area is used on the inside of the laptop backpack. This is a cushioned area that will be used to help with storing the laptop computer. Plenty of cushioning is needed so that it will be easier for the computer to be well protected. Also, it should be a good enough sized space to where the computer will be able to fit into that slot and nothing else will be able to.

Separate slots can be used on the inside of the backpack too. These can include slots for a laptop computer battery, power cord and any other materials that may be necessary like a wireless network adapter. Separate areas for different storage disks or other information that can be read by a computer can be used in one of these areas too.

It is important to know that even though this is one of the best types of business backpacks to use not all laptop computers are going to be able to fit into a single type of backpack. An average backpack of this type will be one that can fit about two thousand cubic inches of materials. However, there are different types of backpacks for different laptops because certain types of laptops may be too large for a backpack in some cases. It helps to check with the height, length and width of the laptop that is being used and how much space a backpack can handle when looking into the right type of laptop backpack.

How to Choose the Best Backpack for Business

Buying the correct backpack for business has a significant impact in any business field. As a business professional, the right choice of backpack may be what you need to take your business to the next level.

A well-designed backpack will keep you organized and comfortable to carry around. The accessories and devices that are carried in it are safe and secure. Here are the guidelines that will guide you in choosing the best business backpack.


The best business backpack is one with a water resistant material. This is essential to prevent your accessories from getting wet in case of rain. Backpacks can’t be completely waterproof but should be at least semi-waterproof in case of severe downpour. This ensures that the documents and electronic gadgets are safe.

Choice of a good quality material ensures durability but should be considerably lightweight. For easy maintenance, choose a polyester and nylon material whereas leather is suitable for heavy duty use.


Multiple compartments are necessary for a backpack to allow easy storage of items while enabling quick access when required. It is advisable to have at least one compartment that is lockable or with Velcro straps to secure devices like laptop or tablet in place. Ensure that each compartment has lockable zippers.

It should have dedicated compartments to accommodate documents, water bottle, head phones, business cards, pens and more.

Internal Frame

It should be made up of supporting rods and frame built and hidden from view. Backpacks whose frames are made from carbon fiber or light plastic tend to be lighter making them easier to carry and durable. The structure should be such that the weight is distributed equally to ensure that the traveller feel comfortable even when fully packed.

A slim backpack gives it’s user a professional look but should be sizable enough to accommodate a number of business accessories comfortably.


This is a critical component of a business backpack; it determines the effectiveness of carrying it around. Select a backpack with padded shoulder straps; they put less pressure on your shoulders. A padded back also helps distribute weight evenly at your back and makes it comfortable to carry.

Padding systems such as plastic sheathes, plates or foam pads protects electronic devices by absorbing any blow that may occur during handling of the backpack.

Ease of Access and Storage

A U Zip that goes round the three sides of the backpack is recommended to facilitate easier and quicker access to your belongings. A good backpack has pockets specially designed for each item to keep them separate and organized.

Compartments can be used for textbooks while the small pockets may be for things like wallet and keys while un-zipped pockets maybe used to hold water bottle or extra clothing. The backpack should accommodate all the necessary items to enhance organization and ease of access of the items in the backpack.


with all the essential information above, I’m sure confident you’re in the best position to make the best choice of your business backpack. While the best choice with most desired features may come with a higher price, it is always wise to choose a backpack that best suits your business.